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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is there really a table variable in sql server?

Is there really a table variable in Sql Server 2005?
I say no! 

The following is a response to the authors comment in his blog post:

Louis Davidson (drsql)
2008: Declaring and instantiating a value 

concerning his assertion of a table variable. As of now the author has not yet accepted my comment
for his blog  You can read the full blog article for another interesting comment I made
that was accepted 

The authors (drsql) comment:

drsql said:

Steve (and yes it was repeated, but I just kept the last one),

I think you missed the point of the comment (I know I did when I first read it.)  It isn't :

DECLARE @CashMoney TYPE_OF(<table>);

it is

DECLARE @CashMoney TYPE_OF(<table>.<column>);

In other words, you have a table:



   value varchar(10)


DECLARE @value  TYPE_OF(fred.value)

So what you would end up with would be a variable of type varchar(10).  Now do:

ALTER TABLE fred ALTER COLUMN value varchar(100)

When the code gets recompiled, @value would be varchar(100).

>>And all the connect feedback in the world won't change sql to be able to support a type of table variable.<<

We already have the concept of a table variable in 2005.  You can declare:

declare @fred table(value char(1))

Taking the type_of ide a bit further along these same lines though, you would might get to do:

DECLARE @fred  TYPE_OF(fred)

Which would declare a table variable with the structure of the fred table, rather than having to type it out again., 
but either way, you wouldn't be talking about just the type.  

Taking it one step further, you would be able to do:

DECLARE @fred  TYPE_OF(fred) = (select * from fred)

and get a copy of the table into the variable, without having to code the tedious bits of SQL.  

You cannot use a query like this on a table instantiation, but you can use a query on a variable 
instantiation, which I have updated the post to note.
March 3, 2008 10:18 AM 

Here is my response:

Hello Louis,
>I think you missed the point of the comment 
Correct, but my comment is still very relevant. The whole thrust of your comment was right on! 
And proves my point of the existence in your head of a relational programmer trying to pop out from sql
Now the idea of  'DECLARE @value  TYPE_OF(fred.value)' is really just a special case of the idea
of ' DECLARE @fred  TYPE_OF(fred) = (select * from fred)'. But the idea behind the ability to
have these type of constructs rests on the truth of this:
>We already have the concept of a table variable in 2005. 
But do we really have such a concept? Given two t-sql 'table variables':

declare @Fred table(value char(1))
insert @fred values ('A')
declare @Ethel table(value char(1))
insert @Ethel values ('C')

Now neither assignment nor comparison is possible:

set @Fred=@Ethel
if @Fred=@Ethel print 'Yes'

And the error message in both cases:
--Msg 137, Level 15, State 2, Line 11
--Must declare the scalar variable "@Fred".

underscores the idea that in the context of assignment and comparison only scalar values are
recognized. So now you could live with the idea that a table variable is a different beast 
from an integer or string which both support assignment and comparison. Two different kinds
of variables? But that's kind of crazy  Now the only way for a compiler to perform assignment 
and do comparisons is to recognize the 'type' of variables involved. A variable can only be a 
variable of a specific type. And therein lies the answer. In declare @x int, we know int is the type.
declare @fred table(value char(1))
the assumption is 'table (value char(1))' is the type just like integer is the type. Wrong! 
This is where we've been had, a big gotcha!  It is not a type, if it was we could do 
assignments and comparisons. And even better @fred isn't even a variable! How could a variable
exist without a type? It may be some sort of reference/pointer but it's not a variable in any 
way recognized in cs. There is no concept of a table variable in t-sql and no such concept of 
table type in sql. So what you rightfully wish for 'DECLARE @value  TYPE_OF(fred.value)', 
'DECLARE @fred  TYPE_OF(fred) = (select * from fred)' makes no sense if there's is no type/variable
for a table. This is why there's no 'TYPE_OF' of in t-sql/sql. Type of what?  What your after
are relational ideas like:

var Fred:typeof(Orders {OrderID,CustomerID,EmployeeID}):=
         Orders where ShipVia=3 {OrderID,CustomerID,EmployeeID}; 

which defines a variable of type table with a specific heading (columns/datatypes) and populates
it with rows of data (of the same type). The idea of setting a variable based on a column in a
table is based on recognizing a table type:

var Freds:typeof(Orders[].OrderID):=2;

Variable Fred is set to the type of scalar of OrderID, integer, and then set to a value. 
Welcome to my world  I hope this all makes sense to you! 


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