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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dataphor - Mixed Metaphors

What do you call bright people who become experts 
in a silly exercise? Like bright people who become
expert sql programmers. They are the ultimate hair
stylists. They spend so much time and brain power
splitting hairs that we actually feel sorry for them
and reward their persistance with the title of 'expert':) 
Just like we rewarded the guys who spent a year building
the ship model 'inside' the glass bottle. They were the
experts until someone came along who showed that it was
so much easier to build the model first and then glue
each side of glass around the ship. Viola, ship in a
bottle. Dataphor is the new way to build a ship in a
bottle. And you can build a much better ship since you
don't have to worry about a glass ceiling. 

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