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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Don't Use RAC

I told you I like bs.Of course you should you use RAC.And not only because it's not free. RAC is a utility for MS Sql Server.Check it out at: RAC was way ahead of its time and remains so:) I find the people against RAC more interesting than those who use it.One of the major criticisms against it is that it undermines the learning curve of the user.By solving pivoting and other messy problems the user will be robbed of an important coding education.Yeah and we're on a noble goal of building a democracy in Iraq!When most users were fumbling around, like a monkey trying to screw a football, attempting to get dynamic crosstabs and do complex ranking along came RAC.Instead of embracing it,as in the meaning of 'utility',it met resistance.And this resistance was the code word 'education'.What it really did was rob a bunch of nitwits from furtile areas of showing their coding ability.RAC was a threat to sql programming newsgroup participation.Ego,ego,ego.Since there doesn't appear to be any bitching about 'administrative' utilities,this would appear to be a case of the classic double standard.One set of rules for administration and other set for data manipulation.Meaning that administration has a lower place in the food chain.This should make DBA's feel good:) I'll revisit this topic later with emphasis on olap/sql-99 and the usual whipping boy of dynamic sql .

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